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tessuto Dior lana cachemire
italian fabrics Italy
phone/ whapp : 3
Via San Silvestro 8, 59100 Prato (PO) Italy - Europe
email: gfprato@gmail.com
lun-sab: 08:00-18:00 / dom: 08:00-14:00
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                We are the largest warehouse of exclusively natural fabrics in Prato and Tuscany. fine yarns in stock, accessories for clothing in high fashion stocks, etc. Our company sells fine luxury fabrics, created and produced exclusively in Italy for major international high fashion brands.
              The collections contain high fashion winter and summer fabrics, fine fabrics produced in Italy with high-tech natural finishes and compositions such as: silk fabrics, pure cotton fabrics, waterproof fabrics, photosensitive fabrics, wool fabrics, cashmere, alpaka, mohair , vicuna, mohair etc. Quantities vary from a minimum of 10 m per article up to a maximum of 1000 m - 3000 m .. per article. We also have remnant and half-piece fabrics, different from each other for shop assortment and wholesale trade assortment throughout the national and international territory.
Our customers are of a high level, very demanding and attentive to detail, so we always try to be close to them in the research and choice of fabrics.
We ship by express courier, delivery in 1 day all over the world.
We are pleased to welcome very often in our warehouse Oscar-winning actors of excellence, theater and film costume designers, national and international show business personalities and also students from local and foreign fashion and fashion design schools. Our goal has always been to grow and work with a view to respecting the environment that surrounds us. The stock fabrics we have are mainly of vegetable and animal and vegetable protein nature, recyclable, ecological and sustainable. We are waiting for you.

             The history of our company dates back to the sixties when the first family business started. The main activity was the transformation of wool raw materials and the commercialization of the same for the Italian and international sartorial textile industry.
              The unique Italian brand "Glamor Florence" and the company with the same name was founded in Prato in 2004 as an activity of transformation, finishing and marketing of Italian fine fabrics in stock and of regular local production.
Our warehouse is always well stocked with stock of particular fabrics for clothing and furnishings such as brocade, striped, shaded, tweed, shaved, shiny, Jacquard, embroidered, coated, chenille, neoprene, worsted wool, cotton knitted fabrics , linen, stock of leather and imitation leather, raffia, coated fabrics for shirts, coupled fabrics for raw cut, laminated fabrics, waterproof, water repellent, etc.
"If dreaming a little bit is dangerous, the remedy is not dreaming less but dreaming more, dreaming all the time "

- Marcel Proust -

We believe it will be pleasant for you to be able to choose your fabric stocks in ours
warehouse, and as always we are at your disposal to follow your orders with the utmost care and speed.
New, trendy, special and quality fabrics always arrive in our warehouse. We are waiting for you.


stock fabrics Italy
phone/ whapp : 3
Via San Silvestro 8, 59100 Prato (PO) Italy - Europe
email: gfprato@gmail.com
lun-sab: 08:00-18:00 / dom: 08:00-14:00
Fabrics always present in our warehouse:
100% cashmere wool, velor and cashmere and wool cloth, boiled wool,
100% silk type Georgette plain and printed, embroidered, smooth silk chiffon and Jacquard for blouses, dresses, skirts, pure silk satin, linen and dyed silk thread for men's suits,
printed and plain crepe, embroidered, brocades, damask weight suits and shirts,
smooth silk and devorè velvet, fine, medium and wide ribbed velvet, very strech velvet type chenille,
heavy wool velvet for coat long pile, iridescent linen pleated fabrics,
viscose and silk with shiny and opaque strech knits, cotton jersey strech fabrics, etc.
for increasingly trendy clothing, strech cotton gabardine, non-strech,
coupled and firm fabrics or strech of cotton or nylon and neoprene,
digitally printed gabardine with floral or minimal design etc .. various colors for men,
women, summer and winter, scuba or wool coupled or waterproofed,
viscose satins coupled with wool, embossed glossy silk, 100% silk shantung,,
cotton popelin for still shirt and classic and super-compact strech in various colors,
rigid silk organza united in different colors, crepe silk Georgette, silk cupro,
silk Jacquard and tulle, silk twill and stretch viscose,
silk crepe de chine and crepe sable ', silk lace, silk and viscose Jacquard,
wool and silk tweed or cotton and silk, fringed silk and nylon fabric,
wool and light cashmere cloth for winter dresses and coats,
super-compact woolen cloth for raw cut garments, plain and printed cotton
fleece, cotton lace, macramé lace. , jerse y of pure ribbed cotton, various colors for sweaters,
dresses, leggings, etc. , Milano stitch of viscose, cotton, printed interlock and solid color,
neoprene 2 mm, 4mm., 6mm,. nylon for rigid and semi-rigid jackets and trench
coats in white, beige, midnight blue, medium brown, red, fluorescent colors,
black, rotten green, two-tone, black and white or colored,
white or colored ribbed knit, plain or printed. 300m. pastel colors,
embroidery quilted fabrics, for dresses, fine coats 5000m. various colors;
laminated quilted fabrics, quilted wool fabrics, coupled with wool and neoprene
lined-details, plain or twill and embroidered linings, dark and light and printed,
various fabrics in small quantities starting from 1 meter up to a maximum of 10 meters per item

Among our stocks we also have silk and cashmere wool Jacquard scarves,
about 500 pcs., Plain and checked silk taffeta scarves, natural and golden buttons,
leather buckles, rhinestones, printed leather, suede, special crochet
ribbons and smooth, printed, fringes, feathers, upholstery faux
leather with anti-slip, vinyl leather, bag nets, giant rings, linen bags,
handcrafted bags, various clothing in stock for women, men and children and girls.

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